Hi Friends and readers

I have a book promotion running on Amazon. All three books are now available for download on Kindle Unlimited absolutely free while my second book ‘A Falling of Angels‘ is being sold at a discounted price. I am trying to promote my books in America and Canada and would like to get them out there for (hopefully) some positive reviews before the US launch. The three books make an action-adventure trilogy that (I hope) appeals to readers interested in military fiction. All three have a spying/intelligence theme against a factual historical backdrop. Its central characters are ex-Royal Marines, agent handlers, or SF types. The lead character will be familiar to readers of the first book, A Shadowing of Angels. She’s a female intelligence Corps Captain called Samantha Holloway. The book also has some familiar-sounding names for people who served around my time and are used with permission. There are also audio versions of all titles that can be downloaded free using an Amazon audible promotion.  They are also available in paperback and I also have a limited number of copies of ‘A Falling of Angels‘ that can be posted as signed copies.  You can either download the books from the links below or order them at the website.

The fourth book is a work in progress. It’s called The Long Shadow of Panjshir. It’s a stand-alone novel that starts during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, moves to a murder mystery in London, and ends against the background of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. About, I found these words of wisdom from George Orwell.

All the war propaganda, all the screaming and lies, and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.