Get the Sam Holloway Trilogy for free on Amazon Audible for 30 days !

Merry Christmas to all.

if anybody needs a little bit more action and adventure and the icy roads, train, hospital strikes and ambulance stoppages are not quite giving you enough. I suggest you try Amazon audible’s offer over Christmas. It  means that the first book in the Sam Holloway Trilogy, A Shadowing of Angels, A Falling of Angels and An Evil Shadow Falls can be downloaded for free. Excellent for travelling or when stuck at a train station. All the books

The book unfolds in the murky and dangerous world of covert intelligence collection and the ‘Circuit; the name given by private military contractors to UK-based security companies. Set in 2016 this adrenaline-fueled spy-based adventure novel highlights the struggle against the evil of the Islamic State. Samantha Holloway is a highly trained intelligence operative and special forces officer working on the Circuit when an American hostage is snatched by ISIS in Iraq. Sam’s team is contracted to launch a search and rescue mission that starts in London and reaches its climax in the heart of darkness- the Iraqi town of Mosul, under the demonic control of Daesh.

All three books in the trilogy, the second book A Falling of Angels and the climactic finale An Evil Shadow Falls  are now all available on Kindle, on paperback, and on Amazon audio. The kindle versions are also available free for the remainder of the month on Kindle Unlimited. The kindle version and the paperback can be purchased from Amazon or from the link on my website. The URL for the Amazon audible promotion is below.  Paste the link into your browser to get the 30 day free trail.

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