An Evil Shadow Falls- What comes next?

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I have been asked the question above and I’m not quite sure of the answer?

It’s quite a strange feeling when you actually finish a book and it finally gets published. It is elation but tinged with the tiniest feeling of loss. Something that you’ve written over a two-year period has gone and it leaves a bit of a void. The Samantha Holloway Trilogy is now complete and I’m totally unsure whether this will be her final adventure or not.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. A special thanks to Danny Mac, my literary ninja friend, and ex-boss, who also featured as a fictional character in the trilogy, for his painstaking assistance and advice during the deep edit of the manuscript.  My thanks also for the encouragement of my old CO at 40 Commando RM, General Julian Thompson, and his wife Jane, given when I first started to write and also for Jane’s help on the previous book ‘A Falling of Angels’. Of course a  special thank you must go to my very good friends and fellow authors, Derek H in Canada and James E  Mac (author of the exciting new spy thriller Agent 7). Also, my thanks to Sally Partington for her editorial skills and sage literary advice throughout. A final thanks must go to my former bootneck mate Marty Stalker, a super talented filmmaker for taking the time to make the video adverts for the book. And also my sincere thanks to my readers, if you have enjoyed the books please spread the word and please write reviews if you can.

I have included the prologue of ‘An Evil Shadow Falls’ is after the first trailer. I hope you enjoy it!




Abbottabad, Pakistan

He looked down at his most treasured possession and couldn’t quite believe how something so small could be so deadly.  The atomic cone of death was only four inches wide and eight long, but it enabled a Pakistani Army NASR Vengeance 4 battlefield tactical missile to deliver a nuclear strike of 0.5 to 5.0 kilotons.  He took the device, cradled it in both hands, and closed his eyes as he tried to envisage its awesome power. It made him feel reverential as if he were handling something sacred. The denseness of the nuclear material made it unusually heavy, but that was truly outweighed by the awesome responsibility of being chosen by God to use it.  The radiation did not worry him, as the explosion would kill him along with thousands of the infidels, and he was dying anyway.  He smiled; I am going to take the war to the Yankee unbelievers’ doorstep. 



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