An early Christmas present to attract new readers. You can download the Kindle version of my first book for free this weekend.  A Shadowing of Angels is the first novel in the highly praised Sam Holloway Trilogy. The book unfolds in the murky and dangerous world of covert intelligence collection and the ‘Circuit; the name given by private military contractors to UK-based security companies. Set in 2016 this adrenaline-fueled spy-based adventure novel highlights the ongoing struggle against the evil of the Islamic State. Samantha Holloway is a highly trained intelligence operative and special forces officer working on the Circuit when an American hostage is snatched by ISIS in Iraq. Sam’s team is contracted to launch a search and rescue mission.  The search starts in London starts amongst radical Islamist organisations and reaches its climax in the very heart of darkness- the Iraqi town of Mosul, under the demonic control of Daesh.  A Shadowing of Angels is the first book of the Sam Holloway Trilogy. All three interlinked novels are all based against a factual historical backdrop. The writer is a former Royal Marine Commando and intelligence officer who has drawn on his own experiences of working in both Iraq and Afghanistan to craft the story.

***** Brilliant, been there, done that, Delaney nails the authenticity once again…’

***** An audible treat that had me hooked to the end…’

***** The action races off the page!

***** Wow!! What a cracking story!

***** This is essentially a ‘rattling good yarn’, a highly topical good vs evil adventure story, fast-paced and packed with incident.

Click on this link and check out the 5 star reviews.

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