The Rain in Spain!

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain, apparently? but it also hits the Costa Blanca sometimes and we have had three days of pretty persistent rain of ‘Dartmoor’ type consistency.  Happy memories of that old “If it ain’t raining it’s not training” ethos of the Corps! I don’t expect any sympathy from you guys suffering a proper icers … Read More

Happy New Year

Hi friends, family, and readers Can I wish you all a much better year than the one we have just suffered! The year 2020 will always be one that we would all never repeat unless you made masks or were involved in supermarket chains or takeaway sites. If I hear the advert for ‘Just Eat’ again I will need a scrap … Read More

What a terrible year!

Dear friends, oppos, and readers I must apologise for my lack of posts and general lack of motivation. It has been an awful year, no worse for me than others and terrible for many. My deepest condolences to anybody that has loved and lost someone. Covid 19 has ruined many and made fortunes for many others, so 2020 has sort … Read More

That time of year!

Hi Guys and Girls It’s that time of year again when I think of those comrades that I’ve sadly lost in different conflicts over the years from Northern Ireland, to Iraq and Afghanistan. I have recently had the great pleasure to chat with my old mate Andy Shaw of ‘The Mountain Way’ on the subject. Andy was a legendary character … Read More

A Falling of Angels is supporting ‘The Mountain Way”

Hey Guys Just finished another podcast with my old friend ex-Royal Marine Major Andy Shaw of the charity ‘The Mountain Way’. Andy has been a friend of mine for forty years and was an ex-Commando soldier with a legendary reputation. TMW is a unique organization that gives specialized help to ex-servicemen and women with unseen mental injuries by interaction with … Read More

Chris Thrall- podcast.

Hi Guys. Another line from sunny Spain as the heat of the summer suddenly becomes more bearable. Coming up to my seventh month of being adrift over here, the fourteen-day quarantine period has again defeated my efforts to get back to blighty. I have tried to put the time to good use though, the third book is in the rewrite … Read More

A Falling of Angels

Hi Guys The new book is now out in the print version. This book has also been recorded with an audio version that should be released soon. I will keep you posted.  

A Falling of Angels

Hi Guys Exciting news, my second book ‘A Falling of Angels’ is now available in the print version. I am working with a PTSD charity called ‘A Mountain Way’ which is run by my very good friend ex-Royal Marine Andy Shaw to raise money from the first print run. Andy’s work has helped many mentally wounded servicemen in the past … Read More

A Photo from Helmand.

Just having a think about life in general and isolation in Spain in particular, I was looking at this snap. This was snapped in Helmand in around 2014 at a place called Nad e Ali, it was then the forward staging post for the British Army’s fight against the Taliban.  It was my home for nearly four years working as … Read More

Dateline Spain- Situation LOCKDOWN

Hi and welcome to my new website. It’s been put together by a tech-savvy ninja called Jason Kahl. Close associates of mine will know me immediately as an arch-technophobe of the old school, I have, however, with Jason’s help, been dragged kicking and screaming into this brave new world of social media and the current CV19 Crisis has greatly accelerated … Read More