Dateline Spain- Situation LOCKDOWN

Hi and welcome to my new website. It’s been put together by a tech-savvy ninja called Jason Kahl. Close associates of mine will know me immediately as an arch-technophobe of the old school, I have, however, with Jason’s help, been dragged kicking and screaming into this brave new world of social media and the current CV19 Crisis has greatly accelerated the learning curve. I had sort of run out of excuses and this website is the result.

The current CV19 crisis has bought me at least as much opportunity as it has inconvenience. I am currently trying to use the time to promote a couple of projects that I hope to bring online when this thing finishes. My first book ‘A Shadowing of Angels’ is now available on Amazon audible. It has been narrated by Kerry Hutchinson a colleague of mine who has his own insights into the shady world of intelligence collection. He has done an excellent job in bringing the characters to life, give it a try! The second part of the trilogy ‘A Falling of Angels’ is getting good reviews on kindle and is out in print on the 28th of June. It has already been recorded on audible by Kerry and is due release as an audible book at the end of the month.

I can also announce exciting news about joint cooperation for a film project for the first book. I am rewriting the film script for the first book ‘A Shadowing of Angels’ with another ex-Royal Marine Commando and Afghan veteran ‘Marty Stalker’. Marty is an extremely talented scriptwriter/producer from Belfast who is working in close cooperation with a London based production company called ‘Starlight Film Productions’. The first draft of the script is complete and is now looking for finance. We hope to gain the backing of the Northern Ireland Screen Board. I am also working with Marty and several other Belfast based veterans on a series of risk management seminars or ‘Urban Survival’ modules with an emphasis on the practical side of staying safe with special emphasis on avoiding knife and gun crime. A link can be found on this website. Meanwhile, the third book of my Sam Holloway trilogy is reaching the draft stage. At the moment, it is very much a work in progress. I will keep you posted! So, this time in enforced hibernation has for me been quite a cathartic experience. It has made me more appreciative of family and friends and supplied a much-needed push to projects doomed to always be on the backburner. It has also made me value the joy of personal freedom and to truly value my health. I suppose the great lockdown will eventually mean different things to different people, although I have no doubt, we will all remember the Spring of 2020! As for me, I hope it has made me a more reflective, focussed and maybe a more understanding person.

Maybe living alone has made me understand that I’m not an easy person to live with?

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  1. “A Shadowing of Angels” was a great read. Couldn’t put it down. Looking forward to “A Falling of Angels”. Good luck on the film venture. Stay safe!

  2. Well done Bernie. Tremendous achievements here and I really hope you make a film. Just reward. No such thing as an ex RM by the way. 😉

    1. Hi Ewan
      I hope you are enjoying the new job in Dubai buddy. Looks like your timing was spot on! Mine wasn’t, I managed to get to Spain on the day of the lockdown? However, they say that every cloud has a silver lining and it’s been good from the PHYS and writing point of view. I will send my latest offering to you via your email Boss. It’s a follow up to the first book, see what you think? Comes out in paperback late June? Signed copy winging your way when it does.
      Warmest regards to the Mrs and family

  3. Hey Bernie, I have to admit once I started reading “A Shadowing of Angels”, it was difficult to put down. I ordered the followup, “The Falling of Angels” to read as soon as I finished book 1, it didn’t disappoint, both a must read that sucks you into the scenario as though you are actually there. Awesome writing and storytelling. Soo looking forward to your final book and the upcoming film. Well done mate, PTI’s rule, great to see your staying in shape and reflecting on your sins, stay safe buddy. 🙏💪

    1. Thanks, Dave
      It’s really appreciated, mate! Life here in Spain drags on much the same, the lock down here has been pretty draconian but things are slowly getting back to normal. At least I can now (legally) get out for a run, it was like an escape and evasion exercise before? The new book is slowly getting finished, it will be the last of the trilogy and features a nuclear bomb plot, islamist bad guys and an SBS ship attack. I will keep you in the loop bruv!
      I hope to get back to UK when things get back to normal.
      My very best regards old mate

  4. Hi Bernie the (other Bernie locked down in Spain here) well mate I downloaded the book after we talked some weeks ago but believe it or not! I have not had the time to get started on it due to DIY projects around the Casa, but for sure I will get started on it soon, I’m sure it will be a good read.
    Need to get back to the uk for some outstanding tasks but will be awhile yet I think.

  5. Hi Mate
    Yeah, I don’t think that the flights will be sorted any time soon? I have booked a flight for the 18th of June, so I will just see how that works out. The lockdown has been a bit harrygrimmers for me buddy, but at least you can run on the beach now-I’ve just got back. Everything is good with me, just taking it one day at a time and trying to finish book three. Let me know what you think of ‘A Falling of Angels’, I think you will like it!
    Let’s get together for a beer when we can?
    Keep happy and healthy old mate
    The other Bernie!

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