George (Trog) Royal- A Tribute

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Just a timely post to remember a true Royal Marine and loyal oppo, the irrepressible, unreplaceable, Trog Royal, who passed away today ten years ago. Trog was a legendary character who was both a Colour Sergeant in RMR Bristol and a serving Police officer and a full-time self defence instructor for the Met in the good old bad old days of the ’80s and ’90s.

Trog was also involved in the development of Royal Marines Combatives along with his boss and sparring partner on the mat, ex-Brigadier General Mike Harvey MC, (of Korea fame) who was the self defence advisor to the Met Police. Trog joined the Police after regular service in the Royal Marines Commandos, where he saw active service in Cyprus, Aden, Borneo, and various other trouble spots around the globe. He qualified as a PTI and was known as a talented gymnast in the 60’s, (totally unlike the author?). He served with distinction and always held the Corps in his heart.

He was also a legendary character in the MET. He was sometimes loaned to an assortment of Cop shops across London whenever they were having problems with some particularly troublesome family or other, it always got sorted by Trog?  life was somewhat more simple then!

I first met Trog on some joint training with the Met’s firearms teams and we also worked together training unarmed combat at CTCRM, Poole, and in Northern Ireland with the FRU (Force Research Unit) and the HMSU and E Department of the RUC’s Special Branch. (Photo above, Trog’s on the left).

Trog was a shining example to many a young bootneck in his time. He was famous for his enthusiasm, professionalism, his wicked sense of humour, and also his inherent kindness.

A true legend and a pleasure to have served with.

Rest in Peace Trog

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  1. He was a great guy, spoke to him myself about joining the Police which I went on to do, and thanks to his inspiration and that of Bernie Plunkett also got involved in Police PPE training.

  2. I was a cadet in 1965/66. I spent a whole year with Trog in 1966, in Ashford Cadet Centre. The man was a one-off! A real character!

    PS. His surname was spelt ROYLE.

  3. Trog was an amazing person, a true friend and colleague, was an absolute legend. He is sadly missed, I kept in touch with him right up until his passing on 30th July 2011 RIP Dear friend

  4. I worked with George (Trog) IN SE London for many years and have some good stories of his antics at the Station A lovely man sorely missed by all

  5. A trip to Trogs training camp was always an eye opener and a great workout a smashig bloke. who would always have your back.As for Mike you used to go as quietly and as quickly passed his office at Old Street otherwise he would call you in and you knew it was going to hurt grea guy

    1. Yeah Tom
      A real inspiration to all who knew him mate. He is still missed by all his oppos mate.
      Many a laugh training and socialising.
      Keep safe mate.
      Bernie P

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