My new book- The Long Shadow of Panshir

When a Spy’s violent past affects the present and shapes the future. Introducing my new book, which is due release on December the 15th. It’s a story that starts in the valley of the Five Lions where the past has malignantly shaped the violent present to produce an uncertain future. The Long Shadow of Panjshir is a spy-based military adventure … Read More

Proof of Life at 70!

Hi Guys I am humbled by the amount of Birthday wishes from you all! It’s a big milestone and I still quite believe that it’s actually arrived? Below is my anual proof of life that I post for my kids to show that I’m still ticking over on all cylinders. I wish you all a great year ahead. I intend … Read More

Dolly Gray. The Death of a Friend!

DOLLY GRAY ( Centre of photo) Aegis BG Team 1997 I have just returned from the funeral of my very dear friend, Paul (Dolly) Gray, and thought it was only fitting that I said a few words about him. First, the nickname. Paul Gray was immediately called Dolly when he joined the Royal Marines in 1979. ‘Goodbye Dolly Gray’ was … Read More


An early Christmas present to attract new readers. You can download the Kindle version of my first book for free this weekend.  A Shadowing of Angels is the first novel in the highly praised Sam Holloway Trilogy. The book unfolds in the murky and dangerous world of covert intelligence collection and the ‘Circuit; the name given by private military contractors to … Read More

A Falling of Angels- The second audio book in the Sam Holloways Trilogy.

A Falling of Angels is the second part of the Sam Holloway Trilogy of military, action/adventure audiobooks by W T Delaney. The story unfolds against the backdrop of the western world’s current struggle against Islamic terrorism. It’s London in 2019 and the Islamic State has crumbled, and a team of British-born jihadists is on its way home with revenge and … Read More

Get the Sam Holloway Trilogy for free on Amazon Audible for 30 days !

Merry Christmas to all. if anybody needs a little bit more action and adventure and the icy roads, train, hospital strikes and ambulance stoppages are not quite giving you enough. I suggest you try Amazon audible’s offer over Christmas. It  means that the first book in the Sam Holloway Trilogy, A Shadowing of Angels, A Falling of Angels and An Evil Shadow Falls … Read More

Wounded warriors in Israel.

  A massive thank you to the Royal Marines Charity and Andy Garland and Phil Gilby for the invitation to compete in the Veterans Games in Israel. It was an amazing but humbling experience to be amongst those who have given so much for their country. It was great to be back in the warm bubble of comradeship with fellow … Read More

A New Amazon Book Promotion.

Hi Friends and readers I have a book promotion running on Amazon. All three books are now available for download on Kindle Unlimited absolutely free while my second book ‘A Falling of Angels‘ is being sold at a discounted price. I am trying to promote my books in America and Canada and would like to get them out there for … Read More

Afghanistan- An end note

  Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it! Winston Churchill in a speech to the ‘House of Commons’ 1948 It’s the anniversary of 9/11 and it’s with a heavy heart that I finally write a post about the abandonment of Afghanistan. I just wanted to wait until the last British and US soldier had actually … Read More

George (Trog) Royal- A Tribute

Hi friends and readers Just a timely post to remember a true Royal Marine and loyal oppo, the irrepressible, unreplaceable, Trog Royal, who passed away today ten years ago. Trog was a legendary character who was both a Colour Sergeant in RMR Bristol and a serving Police officer and a full-time self defence instructor for the Met in the good old … Read More