A Falling of Angels is supporting ‘The Mountain Way”

Hey Guys Just finished another podcast with my old friend ex-Royal Marine Major Andy Shaw of the charity ‘The Mountain Way’. Andy has been a friend of mine for forty years and was an ex-Commando soldier with a legendary reputation. TMW is a unique organization that gives specialized help to ex-servicemen and women with unseen mental injuries by interaction with … Read More

Chris Thrall- podcast.

Hi Guys. Another line from sunny Spain as the heat of the summer suddenly becomes more bearable. Coming up to my seventh month of being adrift over here, the fourteen-day quarantine period has again defeated my efforts to get back to blighty. I have tried to put the time to good use though, the third book is in the rewrite … Read More

A Falling of Angels

Hi Guys The new book is now out in the print version. This book has also been recorded with an audio version that should be released soon. I will keep you posted.  

A Falling of Angels

Hi Guys Exciting news, my second book ‘A Falling of Angels’ is now available in the print version. I am working with a PTSD charity called ‘A Mountain Way’ which is run by my very good friend ex-Royal Marine Andy Shaw to raise money from the first print run. Andy’s work has helped many mentally wounded servicemen in the past … Read More

A Photo from Helmand.

Just having a think about life in general and isolation in Spain in particular, I was looking at this snap. This was snapped in Helmand in around 2014 at a place called Nad e Ali, it was then the forward staging post for the British Army’s fight against the Taliban.  It was my home for nearly four years working as … Read More

Dateline Spain- Situation LOCKDOWN

Hi and welcome to my new website. It’s been put together by a tech-savvy ninja called Jason Kahl. Close associates of mine will know me immediately as an arch-technophobe of the old school, I have, however, with Jason’s help, been dragged kicking and screaming into this brave new world of social media and the current CV19 Crisis has greatly accelerated … Read More