A Shadowing of Angels

A Shadowing of Angels

“Sam knew that this was what she had trained for; thousands of rounds of live training ammunition, SAS and DHU instructors, and countless repetitions of likely hostile encounters known as ‘situation awareness training’, just clicked in...” 

Released: 2016

Paperback: 288 pages

Publisher: Matador

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Also available as an audio book narrated by Kerry Hutchinson

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I read this book in two days (very rare fro me to read a book!) – not because I wanted to get it out the way, but the story layout, the stages to the overall story, the build up and the actual logistical and operational planning and conduct of the mission was very well laid out.

This is a cracking read - I consumed it in one sitting and it's many years since I last did that. It's crisp, nimble and well written. The tone is authoritative and authentic.

This book was hard to put down will read more by this author would make a good movie

A brilliant read. Gripped right from the first page! This author definitely knows what he's talking about when it comes to the radical world of international terrorism. Can't wait for his next book! Noreen Dougan

A very well written and researched book , the story flows well and keeps the reader captivated. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to pass time on a long haul flight or just to while away a few hours at home.

A well written book, clearly written by an experienced operator who knows the jargon, the process and the actual operational 'feel' of live operations both within the military and in the commercial world. A must read for those who want an accurate inside to life in SF and the circuit. I look forward to the next offering and hopefully a film.

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