Wounded warriors in Israel.

  A massive thank you to the Royal Marines Charity and Andy Garland and Phil Gilby for the invitation to compete in the Veterans Games in Israel. It was an amazing but humbling experience to be amongst those who have given so much for their country. It was great to be back in the warm bubble of comradeship with fellow ex-service men and women for an excellently organised mixture of CrossFit, shooting and swimming and cultural visits. All were enjoyable and inspirational. I had the chance to cheer on some of the exceptional wounded warriors including people like the  triple amputees Spider Web RM. If anything sums up the Commando spirit its seeing him giving 100% in the CrossFit displaying all the values  of courage, determination, unselfishness and cheerfulness. It was also a heart warming experience to share the week with our fellow Brits from the Royal Navy, Army and RAF and also to meet our Israeli equivalents who treated us as their own.
The Games also provided an oppertunity to share the experience with my wife Marion. We are not overly religious but a visit to the Holy City of Jerusalem was a real eye opener. The stations of the Cross, the room where JC had his last meal, his crucifixion and his tomb and the chance to visit the Wailing Wall. It was spiritually rewarding.
A big thank you to Spencer Gelding, Andrew Wolfson and Keith Breslauer for making it happen and to the many people and organisations that contributed to the funding. A big shout out to the Israel experience team whose good humour and attention to detail made it the success it was. Another special mention for Lirian and Joseph our tour guides.
A special big shoutout to Jamie Goss and Sarah who got engaged on the trip. Good effort Royal!
Thank you veterans, Israeli and British. Thank you the organisers and funders.
Thanks again Andy and Phil who are there for all ex Bootnecks at any time.

PS: I didn’t get much writing done last week. The Long Shadow of Panjshir, should still be ready for release in August? Meanwhile I have attached an advert for my first book A Shadowing of Angels. The trilogy can be ordered from this web site or directly from Amazon. All books are on Kindle, paper back and Amazon audio.

4 Comments on “Wounded warriors in Israel.”

  1. Couldn’t agree more brother, it was an exceptional experience, humbling and uplifting. A massive thank you to all those involved.

  2. Great Effort Bernie, always great to see the commando spirit that we live and breathe , my very best regards and wishes to Andy and Phil and hopefully we will have a beer very soon

  3. What a WONDERFUL Tribute to ALL the Wounded warriors in Israel and elsewhere
    in the World. God Bless them ALL.

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